Sunday, 3 July 2011


Create new blogger (blogspot) blog

Are you planning to start a FREE Blogger blogspot blog? Then this Guide is for you. Actually you can start blogging in 2  minutes using Google’s FREE blogger.
First of all you should have a email ID to start blogger blog. I recommend you to have
gmail account for blogger as it will be easy to manage. Now go to Blogger website.

How to create blogger blogspot 300x230

Now click Create you Blog, Now and enter your details with your email ID. Now after you have successfully created you blogger account. Click on create new blog then you will be redirected to a page similar to below screenshot.

How to create blogger blogspot 1 300x273
First enter the second field of Blog address. Enter your blog name you want to have and check if it is available. For example if you enter name mycity, then your blog name will be . If your desired name is not available then try another name, of make combination of numbers, example mycity22, mycity-12. After you choose your blog address choose appropriate name of you blog in first column. Then enter verification code and click Continue.

 How to create blogger blogspot 3 300x225
Now start posting you posts.You can add image or video to your post or some HTML code also. The blogger editor is similar to MS word editor so that you can easily write, upload and post. If you have any doubts ask via comments.

How to create blogger blogspot 2 300x240
Now third and final step is to choose template as in above screen shot. Now choose your template and click continue. You can change template anytime or else you can also use different colorful templates afterward.

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